We measure and manage employees' health and well-being.

Our approach is independent and is based on an established, scientific method that has won industry and academic awards.

What some of our clients say:

  • “Thank you for sharing your expertise with the MSc students in the Institute of Management Studies. The engaging way you presented your business insights has helped them understand the practical realities of delivering an employee health and well-being programme.”    

    Dr Jo Lloyd, Programme Director, MSc Occupational Psychology, IMS, Goldsmiths
  • ‘Findings from the research, undertaken by Work and Well-Being, shows that the amount of time that people spend on their has been reduced by half an hour a day, anxiety has decreased and people are less stressed in the workplace.'

  • ‘We wanted to evidence the benefits of our email training. Thanks to Work & Well-Being’s independent assessment of our approach, we now have proper, statistical research that shows, irrefutably, our email training saves people time and improves their performance. This is invaluable when we speak with prospects.'

  • 'Working with Work and Well-Being has been a pleasure. From the outset, the process was straightforward. HealthHive was very easy to use to filter results, draw trends and inform action plans across the business.'

    Steve Moore, Head of HR, Hymans Robertson LLP
  • 'We have been impressed with this new approach. Because the analysis is tailored directly to a particular workforce, it has allowed us to rank what exactly employees need from their workspace and establish specific links to engagement and absence levels.'

    Duncan Johnson, Corporate Property Director, Suffolk County Council
  • 'I’ve been very impressed with this approach to employee well-being and would strongly endorse it to those employers who take the health of their staff seriously.'

    Christina Butterworth, Health & Safety Specialist, Crossrail
  • 'Being a call centre operation, our programme to support people’s health needs to be very specific. The findings from our assessment really gave us a solid basis on which to embark on a clear strategy and plan.'


    Victoria Ash, HR Business Partner, Hastings Direct
  • 'Our experience of WWBL’s standard well-being assessment and HealthHive™ is very positive. The whole reporting system is user-friendly and having access to the results so quickly via HealthHive™ has been a real bonus.'

    Tony Stalgis, Service Delivery Director, OH Assist
  • ‘Employee well-being lies at the heart of our business.  This analysis by Work and Work-Being has validated our approach. It has also given us a clear steer on what else we can do to support our people and supply chain.’

    Martin Coyd, OBE - Regional Head of Environment, Health & Safety - Europe
  • 'We have found Work and Well-Being a great company to work with.  Dr Juniper was clear on how to achieve our goals and delivered on time and to budget.  We will be able to build upon the outputs for a long time into the future'

    Darryl Hopper, Project Manager Workforce, Health and Wellbeing
  • 'This study gave us real insights into the drivers of absence.  Because we had strong data, the Board approved all our recommendations without hesitation'.

    Darren Hockaday, HR Director
  • 'We asked Dr Juniper to review our staff survey strategy. Her insights into workplace measurement methodologies meant we got much more from this high profile initiative.'

    Ali Dawson, Head of HR Operations
  • Work and Well-Being reviewed our data from our resilience programme. Using sophisticated analyses, they re-modelled some of our algorithms which was extremely helpful.

    Dr Anne Finn, Chief Medical Officer
  • ‘Dr Juniper was fully supportive throughout the delivery of the wellbeing project offering clear suggestions on how to turn the survey results into real actions that would benefit our business.’

    Jo Denton, Strategic Health & Wellbeing Business Partner
  • “The results have been very well received. Dissemination throughout the College has encouraged more open communication of difficulties, enhancing our ability to support our research students.”

    Elaine Walsh, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School, Imperial College London
  • "I changed from initially being a bit skeptical about undertaking this work to being its greatest advocate!"  

    Nicola Horsey, Assistant Director
  • "The results have provided a practical focus on how well-being and performance can be enhanced"

    Christine Johnson, Head of HR
  • "As far as I am aware this is a unique approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending it."

    Richard Winter, Regional Director