Case Study - LOROL

Evaluating the Well-Being Related Performance of Frontline Staff


Identify aspects that were perceived negatively and directly impaired people’s ability to perform.
Detail the key predictors of absence to inform the priorities for LOROL’s People Plan.


Analyses showed staff who were positive about their work experience were 7 times less likely to take days sick compared to their colleagues who were negatively disposed.


    ·Mental Resilience - during service disruptions
    ·Musculoskeletal - training for those on their feet for long periods
    ·Uniform Provision - Provision of waterproof trousers
    ·MFA - Re-cast Managing for Absence policy
    ·Facilities - Cabin/Mess provision including tea and coffee

Commercial Benefits

Days lost to absence were reduced by 1600 in 2012, estimated to represent a cost saving of £340,000 per annum.

‘This study gave us real insights into the drivers of absence. Because we had strong data, the Board approved all our recommendations without hesitation. We know that the well-being of our staff is critical to the day to day performance of our staff. We are now taking direct actions to impact it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Juniper’s approach.’

Darren Hockaday, HR Director, LOROL