Case Study - Software Company

Establishing how people’s work impaired their overall work and well-being experience.


This organisation was a leading international software corporation with headquarters in the US that employed over 50,000 people worldwide.
Attracting and retaining high performing people who were spread across eight different international locations, was critical to the success of this large team.
Cracks in the team’s resilience were beginning to show as evidenced by the company-wide staff satisfaction poll.


To measure the well-being of this large international team with a specific brief to establish how people’s work impaired their overall work and well-being experience.



Using Work and Well-Being’s assessment process, 10 distinct components of well-being were established. Areas for improvement mostly related to organisational uncertainty and the challenges of working across different time zones. The analyses challenged and, in some cases, reversed management assumptions.

Commercial Benefits

The action-based results highlighted seven new areas that had not been previously tracked by conventional methods. These included the impact of organisational change and specific effects on people’s psychological and physical health. Using the findings, the management team was able to prioritise changes which were central to team members and their performance.

“This approach to evaluating team effectiveness was new to our way of working. Some of the key findings were unexpected and underscored the value of this type of evaluation which puts the individuals’ own needs and experiences at the centre.”
Senior Director, Global Marketing Team