Organisations that are interested in investigating, implementing and improving the well-being of their staff often have similar questions about our work.
Questions about our assessments
What kind of questions are included in the Standard and Sector Assessments?
The Standard and Sector Assessments cover all aspects of people’s work that may affect their well-being so it is comprehensive. Questions range from areas relating physical, psychological and social well-being through to the physical workspace (environmental).

Can questions in the Standard and Sector Assessments be changed?
We cannot change the questions in the Standard and Sector Assessments. There is the option to build a revised version which incorporates desired changes if required.

Can organisations add questions to an Assessment?
Yes. We appreciate that some employers may wish to ask extra questions specific to their own situation so we allow companies to add extra items to the questionnaire for a small extra charge.

Do the Assessments measure the positive aspects of work as well as the problem areas?
Our Assessments focus on the areas that impair employee well-being. This is because organizations generally want to establish the areas where they can make improvements. However, the response scales we use allow people to indicate the degree to which they experience items listed, which can be interpreted as positive indications.

Do the Assessments cover aspects of well-being that organisations are unable to address?
No. Our approach is practical and pragmatic. Only areas that can be influenced by work-place interventions are included in our instruments.
Questions about employee populations
What size employee population are the Assessments aimed at?
A minimum employee population of 100 is recommended. There is no maximum number.

Can Assessments be used on an individual basis?
Yes. Our Assessments can be used on an individual basis for situations such as one-on-one coaching sessions. Obviously, anonymity is compromised.
Questions about security
How are responses to Assessments collected?
Our questionnaires are hosted and administered on an independent, secure site. Our website is SSL certificated which means we protect sensitive information and all our data are kept safe.

Does the client have access to the identities of those employees who complete the Assessment?
As part of Terms and Conditions, we guarantee the anonymity of all respondents and ensure that the analyses do not identify small groups or individuals. Employees access the Assessment via a specially generated, encrypted password. They complete the Assessment via our own independent site and we do not ask for email addresses.
Questions about cost
How much does an Assessment cost?
Our cost structure is based on a number of factors including the number of demographic questions asked, the number of employees invited to take part, any extra questions and the types of analysis required. Starting prices are displayed here. Contact us for further details.
Questions about HealthHive™
What is HealthHive™?
HealthHive™ is our user-driven, interactive platform that houses securely all data collected from our validated employee well-being assessments. Clients use HealthHive™ to track response levels initially. Once the assessment has been closed to staff, employers can examine straightaway their data to build an unlimited number of reports on findings.

How simple to use is HealthHive™?
HealthHive™ is very simple to use. The navigation is intuitive and there is an online help section available. We offer training to all new HealthHive™ users to get them started.

How do I access HealthHive™?
Named users are sent a unique username and password which they use via our secure Client Log-In facility on our website.

How is employee confidentiality protected?
HealthHive™ users can only examine data that reports on groups of 10 or more respondents.

How much does HealthHive™ cost?
Prices to use HealthHive™ with our standard assessment start from £5,000. HealthHive™ can be used with all of our assessments and any additional questions clients may wish to add. Please contact us for more details.
General Questions
Do you provide solutions to the problems that are identified by the Assessments?
We focus only on the measurement aspects of employee well-being and are independent of any solution-based services. We believe this makes our approach more credible and impartial. However, we can recommend suppliers we trust and help you to procure their services if required.

How are your Assessments different to other similar scales available?
Our Assessments are different in two primary ways. Firstly, no other workplace Assessments have been constructed to measure work-related well-being directly. Secondly, our instruments have been developed on rigorous scientific principles already used in clinical research so their validity is assured.

How are your Assessments different to staff engagement and staff satisfaction surveys?
Employee well-being is conceptually different to staff engagement or staff satisfaction. Research has been shown it to be a better predictor of performance in the workplace. Generally, engagement scales contain questions which are important to management. This compares to our well-being instruments which reflect those areas of work which are most important to the workers themselves and therefore identify the real drivers of performance.

How are your Assessments different to stress surveys?
While work-related stress can be an important dimension in employee well-being the two concepts are not synonymous. Employee well-being takes into account all aspects of work which people perceive to be important to their well-being which reach beyond just organizational stress. Our research consistently shows that stress stemming from the workplace is one discrete element of employee well-being and it is often only of modest negative consequence relative to other considerations.

How long does it take to carry out an Assessment?
Generally speaking, we allow an 8-10 week period to conduct a tailored Assessment. A standardised or sector Assessment takes less time.

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