HealthHive™ is our user-driven, interactive platform that houses all data collected from our validated employee well-being assessments. Organisations use HealthHive™ to build their own reports and dashboards on the findings.

HealthHive™ is simple to use and offers a speedy, cost-effective solution for organisations. Employers can track assessment response levels using HealthHive™ while their assessment is running. As soon as the assessment has closed to staff, organisations can immediately start to examine their data. They can build an unlimited number of reports using professional-standard graphics to present their findings attractively and efficiently.

HealthHive™ is unique. It is the only such platform available that enables employers to sift and filter their own data to identify evidence-based priorities for their well-being programmes. HealthHive™ is compatible with all of our assessments. For more questions around HealthHive visit our FAQs section or contact us.

Select different graphics to build dashboards and reports. Examples below.

Pie Chart

<b>Pie Chart</b>





Bar Chart

<b>Bar Chart</b>

All graphics and tables can be edited to suit all corporate formats.