Linking Employee Well-Being and Productivity

We are the only company to specialise in measuring employee well-being. We do this using assessments which staff complete anonymously.

We offer three assessment options to suit all budgets and types of workforce – from our standard Hive25 option (25 questions drawn from scientific study over 10 years), to sector-specific assessments and a fully bespoke package.

Organisations use the results from these assessments to build a strategic health and well-being programme which is more likely to be effective because it is based on the actual needs of those for whom it is intended.

Employers can either compile their own summary of findings using our secure on-line reporting interface HealthHive™, which presents the results using a variety of graphics and charts, or we can do this for you.

Take a look at our video to see how our assessments work in practice:

We offer three assessment options to suit all budgets and workforces.
All questions draw on over a decade of research and experience
in employee well-being.

  • The workplace programme design is evidence-based
  • Implementation of the programme fits with workers' needs
  • The goals of the programme are aligned to those of the business
  • There is active on-going evaluation
  • There is an established well-being culture
Source: Goetzel et al, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, September 2014