For those interested in the subject of employee well-being we have free articles, videos and useful links below.
The compendium comprises 10 short articles by Dr Juniper that were published as a series in Occupational Health magazine. It covers all the basics on employee health and wellness and is recommended reading for those wanting to know more about this topic.

Subjects include:
  • Defining Employee Well-Being
  • The Costs of Employee Well-Being
  • Employee Engagement vs Employee Well-Being
  • 10 steps to Delivering an Employee Well-Being Programme
  • Pitfalls to Avoid

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This free guide by Dr Juniper offers a more in-depth look into:

1. Building the Business Case for Employee Well-Being.
2. Promoting your Wellness Programme.
3. Evaluating your Employee Well-Being Programme. .

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Dr Juniper has published articles in the following journals and industry magazines:

''Corporate well-being providers: 5 tips to pick a winner'' - Dr Bridget Juniper advises on how to pick a credible partner to support your employee well-being programme. (Occupational Health and Wellbeing magazine, July 2016)

'Time to look beyond cash returns. New ways to show ROI.' - Dr Bridget Juniper describes four alternative methods to determine the return on investment of employee well-being programmes. (Occupational Health and Wellbeing magazine, July 2016)

'Sleep management schemes can boost productivity and well-being' - Dr Bridget Juniper extols the value of sleep on well-being and how sleep programmes can succeed in an established well-being culture. (Employee Benefits, April 2016)

'Well-Being and Productivity in the Winter' - Dr Bridget Juniper offers advice on how employers can boost the well-being and productivity of their employees during winter. (Employee Benefits, December 2015)

'What is Mobile Health (MHealth)?' - Dr Juniper discusses what MHealth is and how mobile phone technology, ironically, is playing a key part. (Occupational Health, August 2014.)

'Rail Safety Standards Board' - This study, by Dr Bridget Juniper for the RSSB, considers the costs of impaired health across the rail sector. (RSSB 2014.)

'Elephant in the Room' - Dr Bridget Juniper and Kevin Wheeler explore why work-related wellbeing is often ignored by law firms and highlight how matters can be improved. (Law Business Review, October 2012.)

'What works for your workforce' - Improving employee well-being means finding out what actually does make staff feel well placed in your organisation. Dr Bridget Juniper provides some pointers. (Health Service Journal, June 2009.)

Dr Juniper has also published papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. These include:

Juniper, B. A., White, N. and Bellamy, P. (2009), “Assessing employee well-being – is there another way?”, International Journal of Workplace Health Management, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 220-230. Available

Juniper, B. A., Bellamy, P. and White, N. (2011), “Testing the performance of a new approach to measuring employee well-being”, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 344-357.Available

Juniper, B. A., White, N. and Bellamy, P. (2010), “A new approach to evaluating the well-being of police”, Occupational Medicine, vol. 60, no. 7, pp. 560-565.Available

Juniper, B.A., Bellamy, P., White, N.“Evaluating the well-being of public library workers”. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (in press).Available

Juniper, B., Walsh, E., Richardson, A. and Morley, B. J., “A new approach to evaluating the well-being of PhD research students”, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (in press).*Available

Juniper, E. F., Langlands, J. M. and Juniper, B. A. (2009), “Patients may respond differently to paper and electronic versions of the same questionnaires”, Respiratory medicine, vol. 103, no. 6, pp. 932-934.

Juniper, E. F., Riis, B. and Juniper, B. A. (2007), “Development and validation of an electronic version of the Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire”, Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, vol. 62, no. 9, pp. 1091-1093.

Juniper, E. F., Schatz, M., Juniper, B. A. and Zeiger, R. S. (2008), “Evaluation of 2 interactive voice-response telephone versions of health-related quality-of-life questionnaires”, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, vol. 122, no. 3, pp. 654-655.

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We believe in fact, not fiction, when it comes to employee well-being reviews.

Academic research is an important source of evidence and we have compiled a collection of scholarly papers which examine the available proof behind various well-being interventions or approaches offered.

Please take a look at our Scholarly Research section where you can search by topic.

Please watch our videos on employee well-being assessments and our reporting platform HealthHive:

Well-Being Assessments - our approach

HealthHive - our reporting platform for assessment analysis

The following videos explore different aspects of employee well-being which you might find insightful:

The Economics of human well-being, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve

Demonstrating ROI - the results of measuring Emailogic training on Guys and St Thomas' employees.

For each of our main areas featured on the home page we have a detailed information sheet available:

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Dr Bridget Juniper is a popular speaker on the subject of employee well-being and corporate wellness.

Her studies at Cranfield University have focussed on effective ways to evaluate well-being in the workplace and her continued academic studies consider how measurement techniques can be translated into a practical implementation framework for professionals and practitioners. Her work is frequently published in leading, scholarly journals and she is a regular speaker at academic and corporate conferences and workshops. She is also a regular lecturer on the topic at Cranfield University.

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What delegates say about Dr Bridget Juniper as a speaker:

“Very interesting and clear. It was good to have the science backed up by practical examples.”
“Very interesting workshop, excellent with clear ideas”
“Very good, informative and related to practice (case study), excellent research example. Easy and engaging style.”
“This was a very refreshing approach with fascinating case studies. The emphasis on measuring well-being at the outset makes complete sense and I will be raising this at our next management meeting.”
Here are some useful links to other sites which might be of interest:

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The Healthcare Blog (for the cynical view on US workplace wellness programmes!)

Employee Well-Being Compendium

Employee Well-Being Compendium

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Article 5 Paying the price for well-being

Article 5 Paying the price for well-being

One of 10 articles in our FREE compendium

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Building, Promoting and Evaluating

Building, Promoting and Evaluating

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Business case for workplace well-being

Business case for workplace well-being

How to attract the staff you want to reach

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