Introducing Hive 25
Hive25 is our standard assessment to measure employee well-being and is appropriate for all kinds of organisations. As its name suggests, the assessment comprises 25 questions which are drawn from our 10 years of experience in evaluating the health of workers. These questions are the ones that have been shown to be the most important to the majority of employees across all sectors.



minutes to complete


well-being domains


years development

The questions are divided into six different domains which make it easier for employers to study their findings in an efficient way:

    Physical Health
    Psychological Health
    Developmental Health
    Managerial Health
    Work/Home Interface Health
    Workspace Health.
Employers can include as many demographic sub-categories as they wish so they can filter and compare findings by different employee groups. Employers can also add additional questions and there is a free text facility if required.

Hive25 has been constructed and validated using the established Impact Analysis method. It has been shown to have strong face validity and measurement properties. See references.

While Hive25 is running, employers can monitor response levels using our interactive, reporting dashboard, HealthHive™. Once Hive25 has closed to staff, employers can immediately start to examine their results or we can carry out the analyses for you.